If you’re struggling to maintain your mobility in your home, the chance are you’ve thought of having a stairlift involved, but if your home has multiple levels you may find that home lifts offer a far more simpler solution. Our Wiltshire home lifts help to ensure you don’t have to sell up and move to a smaller home.

Our home lift installation in Wiltshire provides a perfect access solution, eliminating the stress caused by having to climb the stairs on your own or rely on a carer. Once you have a home lift, you’ll find them both incredibly easy to operate and a very low maintenance solution.

Free, no obligation Wiltshire home lift survey

Raise Lift Services know how important it is for you to make the right choice for your home mobility solution, which is why we offer you a free, no obligation survey. We’ll assess your home and your needs in order to provide you with a recommendation of the best home lift for your requirements.

After you’ve received your free quotation, we’ll take a step back and allow you to decide whether or not a home lift is the right option for you. Should you decide you want a home lift to aid your mobility, we’ll be here to help you with your next steps and to expertly install your Wiltshire home lift.

Raise Lift Services provide high quality workmanship and customer service

Based in Melksham, Raise Lift Services offer a wide range of home lifts in Wiltshire, along with expert maintenance services, ensuring your home lift is always in top condition. We take a number of factors into account to ensure your home lift will make your life easier and as independent as possible. You don’t need to let your mobility issues force you out of your home.

The team here at Raise Lift Services pride ourselves on both our high quality workmanship and outstanding customer service. We’re here whenever you need us, should you have any questions about your home lift or you require maintenance work carried out. You can always expect a smile and quick customer service with us.

Home lifts help people with mobility issues due to a number of causes, such as hip replacements, illness, age or other problems. Maintain your independence around the home with a stairlift from Raise Lift Services.

Simply contact us online or call 01225 344347 / 07875 206313 to find out how one of our Wiltshire home lifts can improve your mobility.


RaiseVM Through Floor Lifts

Illuminated, ergonomically designed internal lift controls for ease of use. Powered door option for greater independence.

Free-standing design of our through floor lift does not require load bearing wall. Door opening and internal controls may be either left or right and can be changed to enable relocation of lift.

RaiseVM through floor home lifts, VM range, are EC Type tested by a notified body and comply with Schedule 4 of "The Supply of Machinery Safety Regulations 1992". All lifts are CE marked in compliance with European Regulations, and comply with BS 5900.

We will advise on necessary building work required prior to lift installation. The through floor lift will be installed by trained personnel, who will also give comprehensive training on lift operation and advice on service and maintenance. An operating manual is given to the user for future reference.


RaiseElesse Through Floor Lift

An alternative to a traditional stairlift solution, the Wessex Elesse lift leaves the stairway, hall and landing free of obstruction.

Extremely flexible, as the RaiseElesse lift does not rely on the need for a wall it can be installed virtually anywhere in the home.

With a footprint of less than 0.7sq.mt, the RaiseElesse lift takes up the least possible space whilst internally having room for two.


RaiseVE Through Floor Lift

The first Fully Enclosed Through-Floor-Lift in the UK/ European market, the RaiseVE initially designed for the USA and Canadian markets is now available in the UK and Europe.

The VE range joins the market leading VM and Elesse models of Through-Floor-Lifts.

Our Enclosed Homelift is designed with all the safety, flexibility and independence afforded by our VM models. The advanced design of the Enclosed Homelift affords great benefits to the user.


RaiseDuo & Trio Through Floor Lift

The RaiseDuo Lift has one of the smallest footprints of any lift available and covers just 0.62m2. It can be placed at any angle and the small footprint means there are almost limitless spaces where our lift can be installed. Unlike other home lifts, RaiseDuo is  not noisy as the lifts are powered by a quiet self-contained electric motor. It plugs into a normal 13-amp power socket with no external power packs required.

The RaiseTrio Home Lift is our innovative wheelchair lift and is perfect for the less mobile. Larger than the RaiseDuo Home Lift but still compact, the RaiseTrio can fit a standard-sized wheelchair and is ideal for users with walking frames.

About Us

Raise Lift Services Ltd is a stair lift supplier that specialises in providing domestic and commercial clients with helpful mobility aids and solutions. While our most popular aids are stairlifts and home lifts, we also supply mobility scooters of various sizes.

We work closely with all of our clients to find their perfect solution at the best price.

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